Tester CCS for pressure sensors

pressure unit bar

Peso 12 kg


Art.Nr. E0002_PRUEF

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Tester CCS for pressure sensors

Transportable, hydraulic testing unit in fine-measurement design with acceptance test certificate DIN 50 049-3.1 B, for quick and simple testing of melt pressure transducers, incl. two interchangeable adaptors each for threads 1/2undquot; - 20 UNF and M 18 x 1,5.


The unit is calibrated based on DIN 16 005, listing all individual values and indicating the used testing standard (can be used as certified testing means in accordance with ISO 9000).


The unit will be supplied in a plastic case, dimensions: 530 x 187 x 395 mm.
Accuracy class: 0.25 %
Weight: 12.8 kg
Pressure range: max. 1,000 bar
Display of testing pressure via digital manometer: 0 - 1,000 bar.
Supply voltage: 9 V block battery
Timer: automatic switch-off after approx. 20 minutes


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E0002_PRUEF_E_Operating Instructions.pdf 2.84 MB
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