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Melt Pressure Transducers From all Manufacturers

Gneuss Melt Pressure Transducers are designed with the requirements of the market in mind. They are therefore completely compatible and interchangeable with pressure transducers available from other manufacturers. Normally, the existing connecting cable with a 6 or 8 pin plug can be used.

In the product categories, the range of Gneuss Melt Pressure Transducers and Melt Temperature Sensors is presented. If you are uncertain as to which type to specify or if you can not identify an exact equivalent Gneuss sensor to your existing sensor, we will be pleased to provide quick and simple assistance. Simply enter the type designation of your existing sensor in the boxes below and send the information to us.

If you can not find any identification on your existing sensor, you can also enter the specification in the form of the thread size, pressure range, type etc. and send this information for us to work out the details. We will contact you as soon as possible with a quotation. In this case, please use the "Notes" boxes next to the contact information.

Please note: after you have sent the data, an e-mail will be sent by Gneuss to the e-mail address you have entered. The sections marked * must be filled out so that the enquiry can be processed.

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1. Complete type designation/specification (as marked on the transducer)
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