DTAI - Pressure Transmitter with integrated Amplifier and integrated Temperature Measurement

The DTAI first of all offers the user the comfort of operating a DAI in combination with temperature measurement. One process connection suffices in order to measure both values.

These model offers mA and V output signals for further processing. The popular and most commonly used 2-wire and 4-20 mA configuration provide unequalled interference in critical environments.

  • Liquid filled measuring system
  • Maximum reliability through new membrane technology
  • Standard G-coating to counteract adhesive materials
  • Combined pressure and temperature measurement
  • Robust design with G-Armor flexible components
  • Applications with process medias of up to 400°C (750°F) possible
  • Pressure ranges from 0-50 and 0-2.000 bar (0-725 to 29,000 psi) available
  • Interference resistant signals over long distances
  • Stable output signals
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